Formate carti

Exista patru mari formate, celalalte fiind versiuni intermediare: HC, TPC, TPB si MMP.

a) HC dimensiuni medii 135mm x 216mm A hardcover, hardback or hardbound is a book bound with rigid protective covers (typically of cardboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, or sometimes leather). They may have flexible sewn spines which allow the book to lie flat on a surface when opened, although most modern commercial hardcover books have glued spines. Hardcover books are often printed on acid-free paper, and are much more durable than paperbacks, which have flexible, easily damaged paper covers and glued spines. Hardcover books are also marginally more expensive to manufacture and usually much more to purchase. Hardcovers frequently come with artistic dust jackets.

b) TPB mare (tip C) dimensiuni medii 135mm x 216mm
b) TPB mic (tip B) dimensiuni medii 130mm x 198mm
A trade paperback (TPB), sometimes referred to as a trade paper edition, is a standard-sized or large-sized paperback book. If it is a softcover edition of a previous hardcover edition, and, if published by the same publishing house as the hardcover, the text pages are normally identical to the text pages in the hardcover edition, and the book is usually the same size as the hardcover edition. The only difference is the soft binding; the quality of the paper is usually higher than that of a mass market paperback. Trade paperbacks are typically priced less than hardcover books and higher than mass market paperbacks. Virtually all advance copies sent for promotional purposes are issued in trade paperback format.

c) MMP (tip A) dimensiuni medii: 110mm x 178mm A mass market paperback (MMP or MMPB) is a small, usually non-illustrated, and inexpensive bookbinding format. They are commonly released after the hardback edition, and often sold in non-traditional bookselling locations such as airports, drug stores, and supermarkets, as well as in traditional bookstores. Many titles, especially in the area of genre fiction, are first editions in paperback and never receive a hardcover printing. This is particularly true of first novels by new authors.

Trade paperbacks tend to cost more than mass-market (though less than hardcover) and are usually released either between the hardcover and mass-market releases, or simultaneously with the hardcover. Self-published authors especially tend to release hardcover and trade editions simultaneously.

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