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Scurte #648

nominalizările pentru 2019 BSFA Awards.

– cele mai bune romane din perioada 1890 – 1900.

– un fragment din Balada șerpilor și a păsărilor cântătoare de Suzanne Collins. Acest prequel va aparea la Nemira sub imprintul Armada pe 19 mai, odată cu lansarea internațională.

cărți fără coperta exterioară.

despre genul cozy mystery. “They’re called cozy mysteries, and they take the twisty plots and evil schemes of crime fiction with a genial, non-threatening atmosphere. Even though murder is afoot, there’s rarely any sense of imminent danger towards our protagonists, who are often amateur sleuths or other non-tough figures. Instead, each story is constructed as a little puzzle that you, the viewer solves at the same time the detectives do. And it’s important that the writers play fair – all of the information available to the characters should also be available to the viewer, and you should be able to figure out the true culprit. Of course, the best mysteries are clever enough to trick you into false accusations, and that’s part of the fun as well.”

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