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CineFix: cele mai bune scene din filme

Explosive Acting: ­ The Deer Hunter ­- Russian Roulette
Robert DeNiro is able to express some of the most extreme human emotions to make us believe that it is a life or death situation.

Humor: Modern Times – Automatic Eating Machine
Charlie Chaplin was a comic genius, but pair him with an out of control robot and it’s a humor masterpiece.

Incredible Set Piece:­ Rear Window – Opening
A scene that gives us all the background we need to know without a single word.

Heart Wrenching: Persona – Repeated Scene
We hear a story that is so brutal and rattling but somehow manages to be beautiful too.

Simmering Tension: No Country for Old Men – Coin Toss
A scene that made us feel as threatened as the character in danger.

Slow Burn To Big Explosion: Once Upon A Time in the West – Opening
The subtlety of the banality of life lulls us into security until the screech of a train and eventually a shootout.

Hauntingly Beautiful: The Mirror – Burning House
So simple and yet it stays etched in your mind.

Action: Saving Private Ryan – Normandy Landing
A showcase of the horrors of war that leads into the greater plot of the film.

Romance: Barry Lyndon – Card Game Seduction
Like a painting brought to life.

Just Plain Conversation: The Master – Processing Scene
Complex dialog, superb editing, and skillful acting combine to form a scene that is a true masterpiece.

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